Can I use your music for my projects?

Of course you can, but under some conditions: Use the music only for non-commercial purposes. Link me when using my music on the internet. If you play my music at events, I would be very happy about a mention!

My music is in your YouTube videos?

A copyright claim from "HAAWK for a 3rd Party" could be made to this videos.
If "Miekahr" is in the claim details, potential earnings of the video go to me.

This does not affect your channel and video status.

Whether your video is claimed or not - with the use of my music for your projects you support me a lot!

How can I best support your work?

The most obvious thing is to stream and buy my songs or albums. But you also help me by sharing my music with your friends (in real life as well as on social networks), your friends may be able to find a new favorite song!

In any case, I would like to thank you sincerely for your support!

Why is my question not listed here?

Apparently your question has not been asked often!
But since you would still like to have an answer, you can contact me at the email address given in the footer.

I (or another contact person) will endeavor to answer your question as best as possible!